The mission of GFACS is to level the playing field for refugee and new American students by empowering them to become independent thinkers, high-achieving scholars, and productive citizens. 

As a school committed to meeting the needs of refugee and new American students, GFACS will provide a unique schooling environment that provides rigorous academic support and English proficiency; holistic, trauma-informed supports; the confidence and socio-emotional skills to navigate a new culture and country; and a community wholly invested in each student through college graduation and beyond.



Soccer is a source of fun and exercise, but it is also a source of community, supporting social-emotional development and the relational trust required to take the academic risk necessary for rapid growth. As they play together on a team, students experience an important sense of belonging and they practice relationship skills. Students also experience identity development as they develop a strong, shared identity as a team.


Soccer also supports students’ mental health given connections between exercise and positive functioning and emotional health. These supports are critical for a population that may have, at worst, experienced trauma, and at best, are navigating a new identity in a new country. At GFACS, every student practices soccer every day, and every student is on a competitive team. This provides common experience and means of collaboration, which circumvents barriers of language and culture and connects students and their coaches. Students are uniquely motivated to do well in their classes given the academic performance prerequisites for playing on the team.


Weekend games are an incentive for students who get to participate in travel teams and games with their friends at no charge. The cost of equipment and participation is wholly covered by the school budget.