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Georgia Fugees Academy Charter School



Why Fugees?

By 2025, 1 in 4 students

in American public schools will be an English language learner. 

For a young refugee or immigrant new to the English language and American way of life, an excellent education paired with a sense of belonging can change their future. ​

Who We Are

Georgia Fugees Academy Charter School (GFACS) is a tuition free, community-based, public charter school designed to meet the specific needs of refugee and immigrant students in grades 6-12. Refugees and immigrants are reshaping the landscape of American public schools. These young learners represent the future American workforce, and it’s crucial they receive a quality education. Fugees Family is at the forefront of this educational transformation, ensuring these students have the opportunities they deserve to succeed and contribute.

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Our Founder

GFACS contracts Fugees Family, Inc as an Educational Services Provider. Coach Luma Mufleh serves as CEO of Fugees Family, Inc. Coach Luma also founded Georgia Fugees Academy in 2006. 

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